MultiFlex – Tentacle from Steel



Developed in 2008-2009, diameter 5 mm, steering range: ±200º in all directions.

The MultiFlex is what we call a multi-steerable instrument. Based on the Cable-Ring mechanism applied in the Endo-Periscope III, the MultiFlex does not contain just one, but five steering segments serially stacked on top of each other. Each of these segments can be actuated in two Degrees of Freedom (DOF) by its own set of four steering cables, resulting in a total of 20 steering cables and a 10-DOF maneuverable tip capable of making a wide range of 3D shapes and curves. This level of maneuverability gives the instrument the ability to steer around anatomic strucures, making it world’s first instrument of this kind developed at 5 mm dimensions.

By using the Cable-Ring mechanism, all actuation cables could be positioned at the same diameter. Consequently, the increase in maneuverability does not affect the outer diameter of the instrument, which is still equal to Ø5 mm with a complexity similar to the Endo-Periscope III. The control handle of the MultiFlex has a  structure similar to the tip, yet its dimensions are scaled-up for a better fit to the surgeon’s hand.