In 2004, Dr. ir. Jules Scheltes and Dr.Ir. Paul Breedveld, colleagues in the department of Biomechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, started making plans for founding a company specializing in hand-held, steerable laparoscopic instruments. Over a period of more than 6 years, their research on minimally invasive bypass surgery and steerable scopes, respectively, had led to inventions for revolutionary medical devices. To bring these devices on to the market, Jules and Paul needed to bridge the gap between research and the medical device market. They needed to transform their inventions into medical products, so they set up DEAM in 2005.

The first product DEAM developed, based on an invention worked on jointly by Paul Breedveld and Jules Scheltes, enabled long, slender instruments to be steered in any direction. The product is used in laparoscopic instruments (instruments for key-hole, camera- assisted surgery in the abdomen).

DEAM still has strong relations with several researchers at Delft University of Technology, and participates in a number of research projects at different medical centers.



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