Design of an Innovative Endovascular Crossing Device (Closed)

Design of an innovative catheter to cross total occlusions in the heart using a local force loop or locomotion method inspired by nature.

Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) are currently the last frontier for cardiovascular surgery. CTOs are defined as heavily calcified occlusions in the vascular system of the heart that slowly form over time and are at least three months old. Due to this relatively slow process, the body is able to bypass the occlusion to provide the part distal to the occlusion the needed oxygen and nutrients it needs to function. However, these bypass vessels, also known as collaterals do not provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the heart to work at full capacity.

To improve the success rate of these kinds of interventions it is necessary to develop a new tool that is able to cross the CTO using a local force or locomotion method. Inspiration for such a crossing tool can be found in animals that are able to fixate themselves to other animals or substrates, think of the remora (a fish that sucks itself to the bottom of a shark) or animals that move in substrates, such as worms and other digging species.

Contact: Aimée Sakes,