Design of a Catheter Tip Mechanism for Cardiac Biopsies (Closed)

Patients who have had a heart transplantation or who are suffering from some sort of cardiomyopathy, routinely have to undergo cardiac biopsy procedures. In most cases, a standard bioptome is used to take a sample from the heart tissue, inserted through a long and pre-bent sheath in the femoral or carotid artery. Currently, the procedure is very time consuming because only a small amount of tissue can be removed during each sample and because the conventional instruments do not allow for precise steering. As a consequence, mal-positioning of the instrumentation is a frequent result, often leading to ventricular perforation, arrhythmia, heart block, or puncturing of main arteries. The challenging goal of this project is therefore to design a catheter tip mechanism that is steerable and is able to take cardiac biopsies in a more sufficient way. Contact: Awaz Ali,